Creativity overflowing. But not without emotion. Elevated highs giving way to frustration and irritation, showing me the obvious suppression and procrastination over the years. Fiery flames of intense anger appearing to let me know where I’ve allowed the opinions of others guide my expressions towards self-doubt, dis-empowering my life-force to be accepted by the norm.

Now this sudden urge to express my raw realness! Uncensored articulations beyond just my Yoga life. I’m so over the new age spiritual idea of always being perfect. Yes, we are evolving towards peace, but there are so many obstacles along the way and it’s ok to be human and fall over our own feet too. Right now, in this moment, it feels like I’m a forest that burnt down, preparing for re-growth with unimaginable vigor. There is nothing more refreshing than facing death. Our seeds of life gather such immense power to flower one more time before surrendering to the next realm.

We are all being forced to contemplate life. What do we value? Whom do we want to surround ourselves with? Where do we want to be?

It feels so appropriate to birth this creative platform now. 2020 is the most profound portal to a new beginning. If you have not noticed yet, life is never going to be the same again. Now is the time to trust, to let go, to open up and truly embrace change. In the silence of your own being, in your heart, in your soul. Even if nobody else understands your vibe, Mother Earth feels you.