Wow! 2020 is the most profound opening to higher evolution. As Mother Earth shifts her vibration to the next level, she is shaking off all the restrictive man-made structures to liberate her essence. In this process our human consciousness is transforming with her.

This is a time of great awakening! We can gently accept and adapt to embrace the change or we can resist and suffer. We can choose to flow with the natural rhythm of life or we can get stuck in the theories and ideas proposed by mainstream media. We can either flower into a beautiful unfurling of love or we can contract and wilt in fear. The choice is ours and like the Native American story concludes, the wolf you feed is the wolf that wins.

The Aboriginal Grandmother’s suggest that we lie with our naked belly’s on Mother Earth and feel her wisdom, feel the truth of our spirit and learn to listen to the innate intuition deep inside our heart. So let’s tune into the sacred vibration of our planet and co-create a New Paradigm!