Melanie de Villiers found Yoga in 1995 when during her psychology studies she intuitively felt drawn to explore eastern philosophy as a compliment to her western understanding of the human mind.

After many years of practice she qualified as a Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher in 2009. She is currently enrolled in her second year of a three year Iyengar teacher training course with the intention to enhance her therapeutic application of Yoga.

Her knowledge is firmly rooted in the classical teachings of Krishnamacharya, based on the traditional disciplines of Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga, yet she expands her teaching beyond any particular paradigm to include creative Vinyasa transitions and gentle restorative flow.

Melanie has travelled to India extensively to explore meditation, Ayurveda and deeper Yogic practices. She enjoyed the incredible privilege to study with many inspirational Yoga teachers from around the world, including BKS Iyengar at his Institute in Pune.

Her approach is open and inquisitive, as she draws inspiration from the raw elements of nature and her direct experience of life. Continually expanding her intuitive understanding of the rhythmical ebb and flow of life force in body, mind and soul, she creatively weaves a tapestry of insight into her Yoga classes.

With intimate personal guidance Melanie designs the ultimate Yoga experience for individuals and groups. Her teaching is rhythmical poetry, with deep focus on intelligent sequencing and safe alignment to create a beautiful balance between effort and play.

In full commitment to personal evolution, Melanie believes in the transformational and healing power of Yoga as a strong spiritual medicine that can unlock our fullest life potential.

Melanie is currently based in Cape Town, where she teaches personalised private Yoga classes.

“When you practice non-exotic, everyday Yoga, looking deeply at the ordinary experience, becoming more honest and more kind, there is a sense of great relief. You are freed from fantasy, freed from contrived associations, freed from ego centered notions. This approach to Yoga is grounded in an understanding and experience of impermanence. It invites you to come into the present moment and intuitively know what is truly essential, so that you connect instinctively into a state that is called ‘jnana’ or wisdom “

Richard Freeman